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   Suzhou Red Sun Integrated Services was founded in 1992, and its surrounding areas in Southern transport industry started to move one of the earliest. Its scope of services, firm size, equipment and facilities, handling capabilities, technical capabilities, service quality, business reputation, and other southern regions called first-class move for the southern region of the leading enterprises in the transportation industry.

Ten years, has successfully Suzhou municipal government and other party and government organs at all levels and all types of enterprises within the jurisdiction, the news media, major banks and other financial and insurance institutions, various colleges, and various shopping malls , Libraries, hotels, restaurants, industrial and mining enterprises and other units to implement the overall relocation services; for the majority of urban and rural residents, and outside of immigration, diaspora and other internal and external guests stop supporting a full range of home relocation services. Has made remarkable achievements and has accumulated a wealth of loading and unloading operations and the safe handling of the successful experience of urban and rural construction, especially for the protection of building and construction of Suzhou-Singapore Suzhou, a new heaven to make a great contribution. Enjoy a high reputation and service reputation of the industry. Since 1996, the enterprise was named for city and district units of civilization, civilized individual businesses won 96,97,98,99,00,01,02-03 title by the District civilized units, 2009 Review by Suzhou Municipal People's Government Suzhou, famous for the well-known.

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